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lapis luna new york city jazz

Lapis Luna brings you the captivating music of 1930s, 40s, and 50s jazz with a classic glittering sound. They flawlessly perform standards, enchanting ballads, obscure swing era gems, and vintage melodies the way they were meant to be heard: vibrant, fun, romantic, and cool!

Enchanting and glamorous Lapis Luna creates a reflection of yourself with a signature soundtrack for your party. The band has performed at hundreds of social gatherings including weddings, galas, salons, jazz clubs, festivals, swing dances, cocktail & dinner parties, and fundraisers.

“For local group Lapis Luna, authenticity goes beyond skin deep. This is a band that not only looks and sounds like a jazz combo from over 50 years ago; they actually could easily be mistaken for one.”   -Robert Sutton, JazzCorner

“The nostalgic atypical repertoire of seldom heard, once forgotten and too often overlooked gems, preserved in their original juice delivered with lots of sass and sauce and captured within a timeless visual vessel. Their focus, respect for the music, composure, and their easy does it manner made their sound quite appealing. They neither wore out nor bored the audience. Quite the contrary, they managed to keep the audience around all evening and even got them out of their seats to dance….I for one.”  -Nora McCarty, Jazz Inside Magazine

Shawn Aileen Clark, vocalist + bandleader
Chris Byars, saxophones, clarinet, flute, arranger
John Merrill, guitar
Chris Pistorino, bass
Brian Floody, drums + percussion
Tom Beckham, vibraphone

Manhattan, New York City, The Hamptons, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, Miami, and worldwide

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