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Now accepting private engagements for 2023.

The band will feature vocalist Hilary Gardner from our sister band Melodyville along with the original members of Lapis Luna!

Lapis Luna/Moonglow continues to provide fabulous music, set a stylish atmosphere, and inspire romance

for all occasions public and private, intimate and grand.

Also booking the Swingtet - Lapis Luna's impeccable instrumental combos ranging from solo piano to big band.

Booking, contracting, and management are through Lapis Luna's original bandleader and vocalist, Ms. Shawn Clark.

We are a boutique agency focusing on the brightest bands and musicians for weddings, galas, corporate events, birthdays, awards ceremonies, resorts, and any event seeking professional, distinctive entertainment. We are your gateway to unmatched musicianship from the downbeat to last dance.

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